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Goodliness and Sunshine

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privlikatynaya @ 11:06 pm: Food.
O, the beauty of the kitchen!
For throw back the doors,
And a cloud of divine pleasure whisks you to Heaven.
Even the beautiful Aphrodite crumbles
Before the curves of a lemon meringue pie.
And O, could the nymphs,
How they could learn from foreplay of the ingredients.
From the boiling water,
Whose bubbles nuzzle like dolphins.
Or the steaming of milk,
When its volume swells like a nest of rabbits.
Nothing in all the world comes close
To the beauty of chocolate cake.
With that deep brown frosting
And the ever-moist layers beneath...
O, for now they say I came to death,
By chocolate.

All that is on my lj profile. But the poem is actually not mine. I got it from some school literary magazine back in high school. It was written by a girl who I basically didn't like, but I liked the poem lots so I guess she redeemed herself. The photo is mine. That's actually the remains of what was a full bowl of dark chocolate ice cream. Mmmmmm.

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