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Goodliness and Sunshine

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privlikatynaya @ 08:11 pm: Cinema
I must be one special girl because I saw two beautiful things today. The first beautiful thing happened at the cinema. I and the others were sitting and watching the previews when the film reel went flicky. It did this for a while, and then it just stopped and was replaced by a warping of the image from the middle to the edges until it all just melted away. The colours were translucent reds and golds and yellows, with black drips that ate away the picture. Everybody laughed but I felt quite content watching the whole thing; I wish it'd been part of the actual film.
The second beautiful thing occurred right after the movie. I stepped out of the theatre and into the bright gold light of the late afternoon sun, and pouring out of that clear summer sky was a rainfall so sparkling white that it blinded my sensitive eyes as I walked across the slick shiny parking lot to my car. It was fantastic. I love the rain, whether it's falling from a dark stormy grey sky or a bright sunny one. I love its muffled pitter-patter on my window panes at night while I'm lying in bed.
Thank God for the rain... maybe it'll wash that scum away.

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